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Our Vitamin C Cleanser is a 100% natural powder face cleanser made with orange peel, clay, lentil, and soapnut powder.


It helps to boost collagen production, fight free radical damage, and brightens the skin.

Clay helps to draw out impurities and toxins from the skin, while soapnut powder helps to remove dirt and oil.

A gentle and effective cleanser, that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean without disturbing the pH or stripping it of the needed oils.

Can also be used as a face mask once a week mixed with Rosewater, yoghurt or water.

Vitamin C Cleanser - Natural Face Wash Powder 2oz.

  • This pure Cleanser comes in a UV protected glass jar with measuring spoon.

    No Chemicals, No Preservatives

    Just add a small amount to your palm. Add a little water and wash your face. Your skin will appreciate it!

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