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woman with mirror applying Tallow Skincare

The Full Story

Frustrated with harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, Monika sought purity and nourishment in natural skincare products. Despite the existence of brands that claim to fulfill either one or the other, none of them were able to meet her needs.

Passionate about natural healing and skincare, Monika combined her knowledge of Ayurveda and European plants to create her own line of natural skincare products.

Using Grass-fed, Non-GMO Tallow, among other natural high quality ingredients, she crafted luxurious creams, oils and balms that left her skin soft, smooth, and nourished. The positive feedback from friends and family inspired her to found Tallow Tribe and sell her products online.


Driven by her desire for clean, eco-friendly skincare, Monika's journey led her to create more products for different types of skin. Her Creams, Balms and Cleansers, rooted in Ayurvedic and European herbal traditions, resonated with customers and with every creation, she pours her heart and soul into providing effective, luxurious, and natural skincare options.


Tallow Tribe is making a positive impact on people's lives through clean and non-toxic skincare. We are committed to sustainability by using recyclable glass containers for our products.

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